Marriage and Divorce

Divorce is a procedure by which it terminates a binding relationship legal, it means marriage, marriage is one of the most important institutions of society, as it is for her that the family is integrated, and therefore the perpetuation of the human being.

Marriage is a civil contract, because the state is part of it, it is a civil marriage or a Catholic marriage, must be registered with the civil state, for the record and have proof of their existence. Besides the above, it is a solemn contract, because you need specific requirements to be valid, and born to the legal life, which must contain at least three requirements or essential elements for its formation:

  1. Coexistence
  2. Help mutual
  3. Procreation

The contract of marriage is the union of two persons, which entails a legal, social, cultural and economic recognition, since from the time the contract is entered into, born conjugal society, a society of an economic nature, which has as so weigh all the costs of living together, and the community of property acquired in the same shape it. Marriage clear justifys and obligations for each of the parties, contains a regulation that can not be breached or violated, since to happen, configure or empowers a party to file for divorce each other, having failed in the obligations of the contract itself.

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage, is the definitive separation of real and material as it involves the separation and removal of goods, diluting any link that can coexist in the couple, unless there are derivative children of this union , considering that the children will unite forever.


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