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About the divorce process in Colombia

Divorce can be defined as “the dissolution of the marriage bond that leaves the spouses of the possibility of contracting another marriage.”

It can also be defined as the breakdown of the marriage bond, at the request of one spouse or both divorce by mutual consent, aimed at obtaining the dissolution of marriage. “

The process propels a licensed attorney, spouses need not meet or seen to perform the process, can be arranged by mutual agreement the distribution of both liabilities and assets.

Divorce is a healthy step when and marital relationships or partner are destroyed, when confidence is lost.

Not always the cause for divorcing is infidelity, also the factors of understanding and coexistence of couples reflects the current divorce rate.

It is important to define the legal status of people at the end of a relationship, over time, people build new lives and new families, leaving unfinished a past, which in the future may be reflected in economic, emotional and family.

It is the divorce that takes place on a notary, or cessation of the civil effects of religious marriages. Civil marriage divorce, or cessation of the civil effects of religious marriages by mutual agreement of the parties, which may be processed before the Notary circle chosen by the stakeholders and be formalized by public deed, without opening a process court before the family courts. As to divorce proceedings faster and less costly economic and emotionally.

On the death of either spouse: This is consistent with our current laws, before the passing of one of the spouses, the bond between them ceases to exist and to produce valid legal effect.

By divorce: What is the medium that is used as a special procedure to ensure the cessation of conjugal relationship may be by mutual agreement, or may be a litigious procedure, which is the family judge who defines it.

The costs of a divorce by mutual consent are attorney fees, notary fees, including VAT tax.

If there are assets that distribute goods between spouses should be subject to registration in order to recognize their ownership, should be considered for real property tax and tax charitable registration of public instruments, also the property must be peace and except for the property tax and tax valuation.

If it is a piece of furniture, such as a car, the car registration tax and the vehicle tax should be considered.

In Colombia, divorce, always processed through the legal professional, lawyer, without exception.

The legal basis in this regard is the law 965 of 2005, which establishes the Express divorce, where it explicitly states that counsel for the submission and processing of divorce is required.

This because the topic at hand is a matter of great importance to society and can not leave the interveners raise a completion of a contract like marriage at its discretion, to safeguard the interests of the two parties, both economic interests as an emotional one.

Yes, if you can remarry, but must take into account the following aspects:

If he was married by Catholic marriage, you can not remarry by the same rite, you can only marry in a civil ceremony, mean, celebrate marriage notary.

If you have minor children as a result of previous marriage to remarry must provide the office of notary, solemn inventory of goods, where it becomes apparent that the goods are protected for the support of minor children, this procedure may take between 1 and 3 months, time to consider.

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