Causes and Impact


Divorce in Colombia can have several causes, including those spoken by Civil Code, Article 154, and presented below:

1. Extramarital sex of one spouse.

2. The serious and unjustified failure by either party to the duties imposed by law as such and as parents.

3. Outrages, cruel treatment and abuse of force.

4. Habitual drunkenness of either spouse.

5. Regular use of hallucinogenic or narcotic substances, unless prescribed.

6. Any disease or abnormality severe and incurable physical or psychological, of one spouse, that endangers the mental or physical health of the other spouse and the marital community impossible.

7. Any conduct of one spouse tending to corrupt or pervert the other, a descendant, or people who are in their care and live together under the same roof.

8. The separation, legal or factual, which has lasted for more than two years.

9. The consent of both spouses competent judge declared and recognized by it by judgment.

The grounds for divorce must be proven by the party who contends, the evidence established by the Colombian penal code, making sure it does not go counter to the evidence in this with fundamental justifys or breach thereof.


1. Cessation of the legal effects thereof, means that exconyugues can remarry divorce being firm.

2. Dissolution and liquidation of the conjugal partnership, which means comprises property acquired within the same according to law, and exconyugues can acquire assets and liabilities, which are solely the responsibility of each.

3. Food Agreement: The agreement will provide both sides clarity on maintenance obligations with the minor children from the marriage, in areas such as food, clothing, recreation, education, visits.

It follows from the importance of giving good end to marriage if their continuity over time can not be taken for the reasons mentioned above, and people can have economic and legal clarity against their property assets and liabilities for the future .


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